Things You Need To Do After Hunting

Good hunters only need to shoot once, and all hunters try to kill the hunt as quickly and humanely as possible. You can learn to trace and find moose, then shoot it accurately and safely, whether you’re an experienced hunter who wants to try moose hunting, or you’re really a beginner. You can join Canadian moose hunts in Canada to get the best experience.

There are several things you should do after the hunt, among others:

1. Try to make sure where the moose is when you shoot it. Starting from the area where there is blood. Check the marks of visible blood, and see where the moose goes. Use a compass, GPS, dog (if you carry it), trace the moose away, but watch your way, do not let you get lost. Wait approximately 30 minutes before you start tracking it. This will give the moose a chance to lie down, then die bleeding, but if you just chase after him, moose will even be driven again and probably will run somewhere.

2. Follow the blood trail until you find your moose. Pay attention to the grass and leaves to see which way the moose goes. I will share some tips that you can use so as not to lose track:

– Hydrogen peroxide. Fill the spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray it slightly on the area where the blood traces are visible, and the marks of fluid-borne blood will appear immediately.

– Use TL lamp. The price of a portable TL lamp is about $ 20, it can be to see the blood trail and can see in the fog.

3. When you find your moose, make sure your quarry is dead. You may need your friend’s help to pull him out of the forest.

4. Learn how to skin moose carefully. Cut the meat whole and well. Hunters in general always learn from the already skilled hunter by studying good and correct methods. As much as possible look for an advanced hunting partner. In addition to security reasons, can as a friendly chat as well as a mentor in the necessary things when hunting.

5. Enjoy your catch. Appreciate the animals you are willing to kill by using the meat as best you can and only hunt down the permitted ones.