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The Car Performance: Know What Makes SUV cars and MPV cars Different

Yes, you can try to gather as much information about 0-60 times as possible, especially if you wonder to get the new car with a high-performance level. Perhaps, you also have a plan to increase the performance of your exciting car. If these sound to be true, then you should know the difference between SUV cars and MPV cars before jumping into making any decision.

Currently there are many types of cars on the market, and of course, every type of car has its advantages and disadvantages. Some types of cars that may be familiar to the public are SUVs and MPVs. Both types of cars are often chosen by most people as a choice of cars used. Both SUVs and MPVs have the same division in them, that is

SUV car

– Medium SUV, this type of SUV is in the luxury and expensive category and has a fairly large car body but only a capacity of about 5 people in it.

– Low SUV, the type of SUV that is intended for the lower middle. The average capacity is 7 passengers. Usually, this car is equipped with legs and SUV accessories.

– Mini SUV or Crossover, the type of SUV that has a smaller body than other types of SUVs. This type of SUV combines SUV and MPV design.

MPV car

– Low MPV, a type of MPV intended for the lower middle class with a passenger capacity of up to 7 people. The price of this type of car is indeed cheap, so many consumers choose it in several countries. Some of them have also entered the LCGC category.

– Medium MPV is above the low MPV class with a fairly large car body size and prioritizes relief and comfort of the car cabin. The price is also relatively affordable.

– Compact MPV, actually almost the same as low MPV, it’s just that the price is more expensive due to better features and quality.