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Different from Cone Tents, This Is A Brief Explanation About Carnival Tents

A tent is always used for a variety of outdoor activities, one of which is promotional activities or bazaar events that are always held outdoors. One of the tents used is a carnival tent. You can get it on mountainshade.com.au/hdmarquee. visit the website and select the tent that suits you.

Sarnafil tent is also called Carnival tent, the shape is similar to a conical tent and is widely used for exhibitions, bazaars, etc.
Sarnafil tents are outdoor tents with various functions, making Sarnafil tents often referred to as modification tents. Sarnafil tents have a perfect cover but can also be applied only in a few areas that are closed. We can see the use of this Sarnafil tent, for example as a payment counter, health post or guard post. Sarnafil tents are made with several variations. There are Sarnafil tents that use windows, others do not use them. The original color of the Sarnafil tent is white, but later many come with other motifs or colors