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Using Twitter for Any Business Need: Did You Know These?

Have you ever heard about social media marketing services? Did you know how great it is to get used for any social media site? Are you the type of person who likes to surf the social media? If yes, how many social media channels do you have? More than one, two, even up to more than four? Yes, it is possible. It is true that many social media channels you can use as needed. In today’s digital age, many people share information, even branding themselves.


All that you can do easily if you have more than one social media channel. Indeed, Facebook is the most common social media and widely used by people in Indonesia. Not only that, in some countries the most popular social media next is Twitter. Can be said, this social media is his college sister Facebook. Why is that? This is because of users in Indonesia the second largest after Facebook.

If you’ve introduced yourself completely, then look for people with similar interests to your business. To find it, then you can take advantage of Twitter Analytics (going to DigitalMarketer.id discuss in the next article). Twitter Analytics is useful to know the follower information coming from followers who have followed you, and most likely, they are your niche market.

Once you have identified your niche market, then follow them. Do not just retweet their tweets randomly. However, also look at their content. Next, read their tweets and share your opinion on them. Indeed, they may not immediately respond immediately, but after recognizing who you are, then they will respond immediately.

Another way to get in touch with influencers (people who can influence others) is to mark them with your tweets. You can ask questions, make comments, or even just give praise from their tweets. By doing this, you acknowledge their expertise and you will enter as one of the active followers on his timeline.