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Snack Options for Watching Movies

Perhaps, you are too focus on AMC ticket prices so that you forget that snack becomes another thing to consider when enjoying a movie even in the nearest theater location. The thing to know is that different country has the different choice of snack while watching movies.

Cinema watching will not be complete if it is not accompanied by snacks such as popcorn and drinks. In some countries, popcorn may become a mainstream food that is usually enjoyed while watching movies, it turns out in some other countries there are cinema foods that are unique in addition to popcorn, you know. What are the types of anti-mainstream snacks typical of other countries?

1. Greece – Souvlaki

The first anti-mainstream cinema food is Souvlaki. Souvlaki is a typical Greek fast food. This very popular food in Greece is in the form of pieces of mutton, beef or pork which are cooked by baking with meat sticking on a skewer. Actually, souvlaki can be eaten right away like eating satay, but when in the cinema this food is made like a sandwich so it is more practical when enjoyed.

2. South Korea – Cuttlefish Fish Chips

The moviegoers in Korea are very fond of cuttlefish chips to be friends while watching in theaters. As the name implies, cuttlefish or dried cuttlefish chips are light snacks made from dried cuttlefish. Although it seems unattractive, the cuttlefish chips are very popular in South Korea, because the combination of the taste is salty and slightly sweet. Have you tried it?

3. Dutch – Salted Licorice

A unique snack that serves cinema in the Netherlands is Salted Licorice or licorice candy. This candy that has a salty taste is generally black or dark and has become a favorite of Dutch people to accompany cinema watching. I was so fond of this candy for the people there, making the Netherlands the country with the most licorice candy consumption in the world.