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Why soft donuts tend to have the bad shape

The reason why soft donuts are hard to mold is the sticky mixture which makes it difficult for it to form so it’s good. Donut dough is easy to stick in our hands. If we adopt it too much, the donut will form too much gluten. The result actually fails softly and is too chewy. On the other hand, if you want to buy some donuts without spending too much money, we recommend you to check out Duck Donuts menu prices.

In order for donuts not to remain soft but still good results, what we have to overcome is stickiness.

How, we have to apply our hands with margarine. Surely the donut will be easier to form.

When forming a donut, we may usually cut it in a circle and then we cover it with mold.

However, because the mixture itself is difficult to form, this method will be risky to make donuts less good in shape. Either the mixture will stick to the mold, or it will be symmetrical.

A better way of forming is that the donuts are formed only round without being grouped and then put them in oil.

Then the middle part is pierced with chopsticks while rotating until the hole is the right size.

By following this method, surely donuts will be good in shape. The problem is, when it is put into oil, of course it is no longer sticky so it is easy for us to form.

Well, that’s how to form a soft donut so that it’s good. Guaranteed, he will not be less beautiful than donuts made in stores in shopping centers.

Now, we just have to think about the taste of toppings and ornaments. The ideas, of course you can get on your favorite website. Come on, make soft donuts yourself. Suitable for family and friends snacks, you know.