Constant Coughing? That Could Be That Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Actually, cough is the body’s self-protective response and clears the lungs of the disease-causing germs. The most common cough occurs when you have colds and flu. However, be careful if you experience a persistent cough because it could be one of the symptoms of lung cancer. Visit hope4cancer reviews to find other articles about cancer.

Is it true that a persistent cough is a symptom of lung cancer? Basically, not all coughs indicate lung cancer. However, many people with lung cancer experience a persistent cough that does not subside for long enough. Usually, this condition occurs for eight weeks in a row. So, if you experience this you should immediately consult a doctor because it could be a cough that is experienced is one sign of lung cancer.

A cough as a symptom of lung cancer can be a dry cough or a cough with phlegm. This condition can happen all day even at night while you sleep. If you are exposed to this disease you usually experience various other symptoms such as:

Coughing up blood
Hard to breathe
Chest pain
Difficult to swallow
Appetite decreased
Weight loss drops dramatically for no apparent reason
Tired feeling is pretty great
Airway infections

How to make sure the cough is experiencing symptoms of lung cancer? Usually, in addition to seeing from the various symptoms, the doctor will diagnose lung cancer through chest x-ray. However, sometimes this medical procedure cannot detect lung cancer in the early stages, so the need for further examination to find out. To be more accurate, the doctor will perform a CT-scan on the chest. CT scans can not only detect early lung cancer but also detect other lung diseases that are not detected by X-rays.

In addition, doctors may also encourage you to check for sputum samples, if you cough with phlegm. This check to see if you have a lung infection or lung cancer. If you do not find any bacteria or germs in your phlegm, your doctor may suggest further examination such as bronchoscopy. A bronchoscopy is an examination that enters a device into the lungs and the doctor can see the actual lung condition of the device.