Besides Gold, These Are Some Of The Best Materials For Jewelry

Many types of jewelry that you can choose as a compliment your appearance. One of the jewelry used by many people in the ring. You can get bath bombs with rings inside. There, there is a ring that you can find inside a circle you buy. The ring also contains many benefits that are good for your body, especially for your health.

The jewelry is also made of a variety of unique base materials. There are several types of basic materials that you can choose from a piece of jewelry that you will use. Some of the basic ingredients in question are

1. Silver
Pure silver has a gentle nature that makes it easy to form and its lightweight. Therefore, this type of metal is relatively more affordable price, which is about 10 thousand every gram. Unfortunately, silver is easily scratched and faded in color. As a solution, it is good in the manufacturing process is coated with other metals such as rhodium to have better color and durability. Although silver rings will experience color fading over time, this does not matter which means that every jewelry store accepts repolish services to return dull colors to silver to shine back.

2. Tungsten carbide
 In the world of jewelry, this type of metal is famous for its high melting point so it has advantages that are not easily scratched and its ability to maintain shape. Therefore, this tungsten carbide cannot be cut in the same way as gold or silver but uses laser technology. Tungsten carbide metal can be used as an alternative to gold for a ring. The price is relatively cheap and not easily rusty can be one of the hallmarks of the ring.

3. Platinum
Platinum is a type of white metal that has a lot that is not owned by other metals, such as not easy to corrosion, not causing allergies on the skin, and has an attractive color display and resistant to wear. This material can be the best choice for jewelry other than gold and diamond.