Benefits and Installation of Synthetic Alang-Alang

The roof of alang-alang or straw has the main characteristics that can present a very natural impression on the building, therefore for people who are interested in the natural nuances of natural countryside, like to use this roof to cover the top of his house. But for those who live in urban areas, certainly rather difficult to get a roof like this. To overcome this problem, now there are modern products to make a roof that its form is Imperata also made from synthetic material. Therefore many people who gave him the name of the synthetic roof and although it has the look and the exact same shape with natural reeds, this one roof has several advantages. Firstly, even if there is a fire, this type of roof will not burn because it is made from a refractory material, this synthetic roof if hit by a little spark will be burned out immediately, so if viewed from the security side of this material is more suitable to be made as an option main. When the roof is damaged as well, you have no trouble doing roof repair.

Since it is a modern product and distribution center is in the city, so for people in need it will not be difficult to get it even though it is away from the countryside, so for those who like and are interested in the natural look of the roof, this problem is not a difficult problem for dealt with again. Because it is a product of industrial products made using the machine, even though it takes a lot of this material will not experience scarcity, even to make a housing complex. If desired can be sent in a time not too long, you can compare with the natural grass that is the result of handicraft production, of course, production capacity is also limited, especially in certain seasons the manufacturer is also not easy to find. Another advantage, this synthetic roof has a stronger endurance, if there is heavy rain, natural roofs often cause leaks on the part that is not meeting and this, of course, makes the inhabitants of the house will feel uncomfortable, while the synthetic roof has more density perfect so it will not pose a risk of leakage.