Are you a Range Rover Lovers? Learn These Great Secrets Right Now!

Everything in the world must have secrets unknown to many people, especially the history that tells the world what the story behind the names that raise it. One of them is Range Rover, this is one of the best stories ever presented to the world about how a Range Rover is created and changes over time. For those of you who love Range Rover will want to know about your favorite tough vehicle, if true, then will share it with you around the history of Range Rover. It turned out originally from a fabric assembly of a sewing machine than a bicycle and eventually became a car manufacturer. J.K. Starley started a sewing machine assembly plant in Coventry, England. J.K. Starley introduced three-wheeled vehicles and bicycles under the name “Rover” for the first time. His company is well known as Rover Safety Cycle. Is a pioneer of modern cycles. Rover’s own name is taken from Polish, which means bicycle.

The year 1888, the formation of Rover Electric Carriage company. J.K. Starley made the prototype of an electric three-wheeled vehicle. Beginning in the year 1896, Rover Cycle Company Limited became the official name of the company J.K. Starley and Rover’s patented name. In 1904, the Company started the manufacture of four-wheeled vehicles. Production is focused only on the manufacture of cars. Bicycle making was discontinued and the company changed its name to Rover Company Limited. The period of growth where Rover became one of the most important cars assembly in the UK. Growth in 1920 increased but in 1930 experienced a period of depression. In 1937 to 1945, the Rover manufacturers at Acocks Green and Solihull produced war tools for the British government such as aircraft engines and Tank engines. after the second world war ended, Rover still keeps producing Rolls Royce V12 Meteor tank engine in Acocks Green. In Solihull began preparing a production of cars with a target of 20,000 cars a year. But because of the economic downturn after the war as well as the rule of the government that governed the use of steel that was then very little production, then Rover discouraged.

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